Our Expertise

In addition to offering mutliple products and services, our firm focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for each one of our clients.  



Retirement Planning

In today's rapidly changing world, retirement planning has never been more challenging.  Working  with a Financial Representative is key to mapping out a comprehensive, thoughtful retirement strategy and keeping it on track is essential to your future well-being.


We offer a variety of ways to help our clients reach their investment objectives. A key component is to ensure that their investments match their risk profile and that they understand how their investments react to different market changes.  In today's environment it is just as important to protect portfolios from extreme market down turns as it is to position for market gains. 



Special Care Planning

Our Special Care Planners assist families in planning for the financial future of their children or other dependents' with special needs.  This requires in depth knowledge of the laws as they pertain to government benefit eligibility, legal documents, such as special needs trusts and guardianships, as well as financial considerations for providing quality lifetime care.   




Create and monitor a strategy that incorporate a range of investments to manage risk and tax efficiency.  Some avenues to achieve your goals are through Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Fixed and Variable Annuities, Third Party Money Management Firms, Municipal Bonds, etc.



Estate Planning

The goal is preserving your past, protecting your future and securing your legacy.  We often utilize the leveraging of life insurance to pay estate taxes, qualified plan distribution analysis to harness retirement plans, etc.  Proper planning can help ensure your estate stays intact for your heirs. 



Employee Benefits

We offer a comprehensive array of products and services for the business owner.  These include benefit products and services that range from ongoing analysis and servicing of your health insurance plan right down to establishing a sensible exit strategy that considers the inevitable as well as the unforeseen.   



Elder Care

We help clients to obtain the appropriate Long Term Care insurance to help protect their estates, as well as provide care for them when needed at home or in a facility.  Expedite asset movement and help to position those assets to allow an ailing senior in crisis to be eligible for certain government benefits and maintain their estate for a well/community spouse or heirs. 




Tax law is subject to interpretation and change. Tax results and the appropriateness of any product for any specific taxpayer may vary depending on the facts and circumstances. You should consult with and rely on your own independent legal and tax advisors regarding your particular set of facts and circumstances.